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Program Management

Commercial Metal Forming utilizes state of the art automotive program management. This process includes the A.P.Q.P. process along with cross functions 6-phase program management as defined in A.I.A.G. guidelines. This process utilizes the P.C. based Groove Software for electronically tracking all aspects of the project. Commercial Metal Forming's program management group was initiated in 2004 to insure that all projects meet the timelines, budgets, deliverables, and expectations of our customers.

The 6-phase controlled approach to Program Management includes the following activities:

  1. Plan and Define the Program
  2. Product Design and Development
  3. Process Design and Development
  4. Product and Process Validation
  5. Signoff
  6. Feedback

An example of the format used to manage custom stamping programs is included below:


Commercial Metal Forming
Commercial Metal Forming
Quality Function Deployment Matrix
Project Number:     Customer:  
Customer Part No:     Rev. Level:  
CMF Drawing Number:     Completed By:  
Part Description:  
  Team member initials:
Phase ACTIVITY Program Mg. Estimating Engineering Purchasing Quality Prod. Control Tooling Eng. Manuf. Eng. Sales Production Customer Human Resources
I PLAN AND DEFINE PROGRAM                        
  Customer input requirements                 X      
  Sourcing decision (quote-no quote)                 X      
  Assign projects number & CAR expense number X                      
  Assign APQP team members X                      
  Identify special characteristics             X          
  Customer drawings and specifications                 X      
  Establish preliminary process & run-at-rate   X                   X
  Review safety/ergonomic issues                   X    
  Review capacity issues                        
  Define material requirements     X                  
  Preliminary steel specification sheet     X                  
  Material availability study         X              
  Preliminary bill of material   X                    
  Determine tooling requirements         X   X          
  Determine gauging requirements                        
  Determine equipment requirements     X                  
  Determine packaging requirements     X                  
  Tolerance review             X          
  Preliminary process/flow chart   X                    
  Team feasibility review                        
  Phase I signoff X                      
  Final approved customer print                 X      
  Design FMEA (if required)               X        
  Supplier selections       X                
  Subcontractor APQP status       X                
  Prototypes (if required) X                      
  Phase II signoff X